Madison Clean-Face Direct-Vent Fireplace, Luxury 36 MV, Propane, Millivolt, Intermittent Pilot System And Multi-Function - AMERICAN HEARTH

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Regular price $3,439.00
Regular price $3,799.00 Sale price $3,439.00

Featuring a sizable ceramic glass window and a sleek clean-face design, this high-end direct-vent fireplace effortlessly mimics the appearance of a custom-built fireplace while delivering the convenience and efficiency of a contemporary gas system. Offered in both 36-inch and 42-inch models, the traditional luxury clean-face fireplace from Madison is heater rated, ensuring not only captivating visual appeal for your friends and family but also effective room heating. Utilizing zone heating with a gas fireplace conserves energy by targeting the spaces you utilize most, with the optional blower facilitating rapid circulation of warm air.

Crafted for seamless in-wall installation, our Clean-Face Luxury models necessitate just over 22 inches of depth. Venting is designed to connect to the top of the fireplace, providing flexible options for routing either through the wall or up through the roof. Incorporating tile or other noncombustible materials around the fireplace's perimeter allows for the creation of a true built-in system.

For safety, a fireplace barrier screen is included to prevent accidental contact with the hot glass. These direct-vent fireplaces draw in fresh outdoor air to support combustion and expel combustion by-products outdoors. The innovative 5 x 8 vent-within-a-vent design isolates incoming fresh air from exhaust, requiring only a single penetration through the wall or roof for installation.


  • Ceramic Glass: 24 1/8 x 33
  • Venting: 5 x 8, Top Vent Only (Refer to manual for specific venting requirements)
  • Framing Dimensions: 42 5/16 H x 42 3/8 W x 21 1/2 D (Refer to manual for framing guidelines)
  • Pallet Quantity: 4
  • Available Liners: Please refer to the brochure for liner style colors


  • Barrier
  • Burner with expanded Ember Bed
  • Log Set
  • Cottage Brick Fireplace Brick Floor


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