Modern Elegance - Invisible Non-Glare Mesh Screen (Designed for LPS56 - Inside Fit with Magnets) - MODERN FLAMES

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Regular price $180.00
Regular price $320.00 Sale price $180.00

Experience the precision-crafted Invisible Non-Glare Mesh Screen, meticulously engineered to perfectly fit the LPS56 fireplace from MODERN FLAMES. This innovative screen not only prioritizes safety but also offers an unobstructed and immersive view of the flames. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the LPS56, its sleek and streamlined appearance enhances the fireplace's overall aesthetic. The magnetic attachments ensure a secure installation while allowing effortless removal when necessary. The defining feature of this non-glare mesh is its "invisible" quality, maintaining the flames' clarity and delivering a mesmerizing visual experience. Acting as both a protective barrier against accidental contact with the flames and minimizing glare, this mesh screen serves a dual purpose. It harmonizes safety measures with aesthetic enhancement, creating a perfect synergy that elevates your fireplace's overall ambiance. Transform your fireplace into an exquisite focal point with the Invisible Non-Glare Mesh Screen, meticulously tailored to amplify both safety and visual allure.


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